Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best changeable office name plate?

There are many different types of changeable office name plates and the choice usually comes down to the office environments where your nameplates will be installed. The most versatile office nameplate we manufacture is our VSC60-8.5L Curved Nameplate but the they are also available in our Flat and Thins profiles.

What size is the most popular for office nameplates?

The most popular size for changeable office nameplates is 2.25″ x 8.5″. But for a cost effective option the slightly smaller 2.25″ x 7″ is also popular. Our VS Office Nameplates our some of our best sellers and they are easy to install and update with printed messaged inserts.

What are your VS Signage product made out of?

All of our VS Signage products are made out of anodized aluminum metal material and are available in either VSC-Curved, VSF-Flat, or VSThins profiles. These metal aluminum signs are durable and fit into any office environment.

How do I change out my printed VS printed messaged inserts?

All VS Signage products ships with a clear VS Lexan Cover in each frame and you can remove this clear VS Lexan Cover with one of our VS suction cups. Simply push the suction cup on to the surface of the clear VS Lexan Covers and gently pull out the cover and insert our own DIY printed messaged insert into your VS frame and insert the clear lexan cover over top.

Can I order a custom size of your VS Signage frames?

Yes…since we manufacture our of VS Signage products in-house we can manufacture custom size of frames as requested. Please Contact Us to review your specific needs and requirements.

How do I install your VS Signage products?

Our VS Signage products are available in three mounting options.

Our VS Office Nameplates are available in: D/S foam tape mount backs, pin mount backs (in order to hang on fabric cubicle partitions) and plain mount backs, no tape, in case a client a another specific mounting method they require.

All VS products larger than our Office Name Plates are available in:  D/S foam tape mount backs and plain mount backs, no tape.

What is a VS Silver Vinyl Backplate? Do I need order this with my VS Signage?

It depends where you will be installing your VS Signage products. If you install our VS Signage on glass dividers or glass office/meeting room sidelights you need our VS Silver Vinyl Backplates. These back plates get install on the “inside” of the glass partition or wall after you install the VS frame in to order hide/cover the foam tape when you are in the office looking out at the back of the VS frame.

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