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VSF60-8.5L Name Plate Insert Templates – Flat

VSF60-8.5L Name Plate Insert Templates – Flat

This VSF60-8.5L nameplate insert template is a digital PDF file that an end client can update and print out themselves to create your own DIY professional looking nameplate inserts. These insert templates are easy to use:

  • simply choose the template layout you would like to use
  • insert your names or copy into the PDF template
  • print out the template and cut along the lines printed on the template
  • insert it into your blank VS nameplate by removing the clear VS Lexan Cover

Your nameplate is complete. Download your free VSF60-8.5L template today!

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Name Only

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Name and Title – on two lines

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Name and workstation/office #




Complete the look

  • $2.80$32.05

    VSF60-8.5L Name Plate – Flat


    VSF60-8.5L Name Plate – Flat

    CLICK on Mounting Options below to confirm your price per unit SKU:             VSF60-8.5L Size:             2.36"h x 8.5"w (60mm x 217mm) Insert size:    2.25"h x 8.5"w (57mm x 216mm) Profile:          VSF - Flat Mounting:      Double sided tape Blank anodized silver aluminum frame, with grey end caps and clear plastic cover. Compatible with end client produced messaged inserts, printed on clear transparency and paper sheets, up to 1/16" thick. Ships as assembled blank frame, including end caps and clear plastic cover. CLICK below for your free VSF60-8.5L VS Insert Template as a PDF download VSF60-8.5L Nameplate Insert Template
    MSRP: $33.12 - $36.92

Insert Size:  57mm x 217mm, as a 4-up template formatted for 8.5 x 11 paper or transparency media

CLICK below to see details regarding our blank VSF60-8.5L Nameplate – Flat  that this insert will fit into.

VSF60-8.5L Nameplate – Flat