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VSC8.5-4P Large Nameplate–Curved

VSC8.5-4P Large Nameplate–Curved

MSRP: $43.63 - $47.43


SKU:             VSC8.5-4P
Size:             8.7″w x 4” h (221mm x 101mm)
Insert size:    8.5″w x 4” h (216mm x 100mm)
Profile:          VSC – Curved
Mounting:      Double sided tape

Blank anodized silver aluminum frame, with grey end caps and clear plastic cover.

Compatible with end client produced messaged inserts, printed on clear transparency and paper sheets, up to 1/16″ thick.

Ships as assembled blank frame, including end caps and clear plastic cover.

Click below for your free VS8.5-4P Large Nameplate insert template as a PDF download

VS8.5-4P Large Nameplate Insert Template

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The VSC8.5-4P Large nameplate-curved can create attractive and versatile work station signage for any workplace environment. With the VS end caps on the top and bottom of this nameplate, the VSC8.5-4P has a “portrait” style curve to this nameplate option. Using our VS Signage System, end clients can easily update and print new inserts for their VS Nameplate as required, thus offering cost certainty as data changes over time. VS Nameplates are available in both our VSC (curved) and VSF (flat) models, in different sizes.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 4 x .5 in
Mounting Options

Tape Mounted, Tape Mounted ships with VS Silver Vinyl Backplate (if installed on glass) +$2.80, Pin Mounted +$2.80, Plain (no tape,no pins) less -$1.00, VS8.5 Clear Lexan Replacement Cover Only $5.80, VS8.5 Silver Vinyl Backplate Only (if installed on glass) $2.80