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VSC150-8PWB Restroom Signs with ADA and Braille

VSC150-8PWB Restroom Signs with ADA and Braille

MSRP: $49.19 - $61.69


SKU:              VSC150-8PWB
Size:              5.90″ x 8″ (150mm x 200mm)
Insert size:     5.85″ x 8″ (147mm x 200mm)
Profile:           VSC – Curved
Mounting:       Double sided tape

Anodized silver aluminum frame, with grey end caps, and black raised ADA graphics and braille.

Ship complete with one insert of your choice, from 3 different options:
1) International female symbol with wheelchair symbol
2) International male symbol with wheelchair symbol
3) International male, female symbol & wheelchair symbol
(all three options are the same price)

Ships as assembled frame, including end caps, complete insert & clear plastic cover.


The VSC150-8PWB Restroom Signs with raised ADA and braille are similar to our Washroom Sign items but with the additional specific wording spelled out for Mens, Womens or Restroom for any restroom base building signage. The VSC150-8PWB Restroom Signs are available is three different options, complete and ready to install at your location.

The price is the same for all versions – male, female & restroom option.

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × .5 in

Male with wheelchair logo, Female with wheelchair logo, M/F with wheelchair logo, Blank less $12.50